NHC Audio Briefings (Podcasts)

In an effort to provide users with additional information to
enhance planning and preparedness decisions, NHC provides
Audio Briefings (also called podcasts), when the media pool is
activated by the NHC Public Affairs Officer. In general, the
media pool is activated by NHC when a hurricane watch is
initiated for a portion of the United States coastline. The
audio briefings will provide the latest information regarding the
hurricane threat and its expected impacts.

When a current podcast is available, a link to the RSS/Podcast feed and a link to the corresponding directory with the latest
audio (mp3) file will be displayed. You can right-click and choose “save” to download the file.

Once the podcasts are older than 4 hours, they will not be shown on this page. If you have comments about this service,
please send us email or
complete a short survey.

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